• Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own - Bob Flowerdew

Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own - Bob Flowerdew

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2014

It is one thing to produce tomatoes or pumpkins - or any other fruit or vegetable for the table - as they come into season, but it becomes another when you realise that most crops in the garden arrive in gluts with no more to be had for another year unless you do something about it.

This book shows you how to make the best use of your highly nutritious, home-grown produce.  Bob begins in the garden, showing you how to achieve a more continuous crop as well as how to extend your harvest. 

He then steps into the kitchen to demonstrate the best way to preserve and cook your crop by bottling, drying, jamming and smoking it.  He uses his intimate and comprehensive knowledge of each crop to advise you on how best to treat it and store it. Try making fruit leathers, which are great for kids; freeze your own apple juice so you can have it every day of the year; experiment with making liqueurs and wines; preserve nuts in chocolate, and many, many more ingenious ideas.

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