• Healthy Eating for IBS - Sophie Bainbridge

Healthy Eating for IBS - Sophie Bainbridge

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2011

This is a much-needed cookbook for people with IBS, devised by a leading chef and based on nutritional advice.

Containing over 100 recipes that have been created to tempt your taste buds while managing the symptoms of IBS, together with helpful advice and practical information, Healthy Eating for IBS will help you understand IBS and limit its impact.

Recipes include Courgette and Cumin Salad, Garam Masala Duck Breasts, and Asparagus and Red Onion Tart, and are divided into meal types - breakfasts and breads, soups and salads, starters and snacks, main courses and puddings - in order to help you to find a diet that soothes your system without offending your appetite.

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