• Hip Pressure Cooking - Laura D.A. Pazzaglia

Hip Pressure Cooking - Laura D.A. Pazzaglia

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2014

Laura Pazzaglia wasn't thinking of all this when she tried pressure cooking for the first time, but after watching a friend make dinner in 10 minutes, Pazzaglia knew she had found the solution to her time-crunched life.  She cooked so much that she began offering recipes and advice on a website she created.   At that time pressure cooking recipes didn't emphasize aesthetics; while the food might be delicious, it was often unappealing in presentation.

Pazzaglia figured out how to make pressure cooked food appealing, and gained a large following for her recipes and techniques.   A culmination of her experience, Hip Pressure Cooking offers over 250 sure fire recipes.  The range is astounding, including sections on cooking with ingredients like eggs, and the special cooking techniques Laura has developed and perfected over the years.  The emphasis on fresh ingredients is sure to appeal to today's modern consumer.  Additionally Laura shares her in-depth knowledge about the basic operation of your pressure cooker, walking you through reading the pressure signal, removing the pressure valve, and more.  The secret is out - now you can discover the potential of this super appliance with this revolutionary guide to cooking with pressure!
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