• Homemade - Anna Gare

Homemade - Anna Gare

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2011

Home cooking is something that responds to what's in the market, what's in the fridge and who walks through the door.   The tart you make on a hot summer night while your friend tells you about her new love affair will be very different from the one you cook in winter for your mother-in-law.   That's what Homemade is all about.

The simple dishes you'll find in this book have come straight from my family dinners, lunches and impromptu feats with friends.   If these dishes become favourites in your home I'll be happy.   If they lead you to make your own dishes I'll be ecstatic. Anna

Don't open this book unless you want to feel almost immediately hungry. Anna Gare's simple but delicious recipes have a habit of doing that to you. - Matt Preston
If you are not lucky enough to have had Anna cook for you, as I have many times, then this book is the next big thing! - Ben Elton

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