• I Heart Rome - Maria Pasquale

I Heart Rome - Maria Pasquale

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2107

Rome is an open air museum; a modern-day marvel of a city that has seen centuries of emperors, popes, movements, triumphs and tragedies. A city where the present and past sit side-by-side and interact in a beautiful, yet sometimes complex, kind of way. Rome begs to be uncovered at every turn.  Through quirky local stories and glorious pictures, I Heart Rome takes you on an inspiring journey through the Rome that tourists rarely get to see.

In a country justifiably famous for its food, Rome boasts its own fascinating and unique cuisine that is intrinsically tied to its history.  Influences from Ancient Rome through to more recent events, are reflected in the food culture of the eternal city today.  And given the passionate nature of Romans as a people, it's no wonder that dining is taken so seriously.  From carbonara recipes to artichoke frying techniques, just about everything food related is up for - and causes much - debate in Rome.  You, too, will heart Rome after delving into this book.

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