• I'm Just here for the Dessert

I'm Just here for the Dessert

Caroline Khoo of Nectar and Stone
Paperback.  Near new condition.  2017

I’m Just Here for Dessert gives detailed instructions for designing, making, decorating, styling and serving desserts and drinks including meringues, tarts, macarons, waffles, cupcakes, and more.

Caroline Khoo of the social media sensation Nectar and Stone, brings together her love of baking and styling to create a stunning guide to building your own dessert design.  Desserts tell a story - they can take the person eating them on a sensory journey from the first look to the last bite.

 In I’m Just Here for Dessert, Khoo blends her talent for creating simple yet delicious desserts with her love of beauty and sophistication to provide the reader with the skills and tools needed to shape their own personal style of dessert design. I’m Just Here for Dessert is a must-have book for any dessert lover who’s looking to turn their hobby into a full-time occupation.
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