• It's A Beautiful Day (planner) - Claire Turnbull

It's A Beautiful Day (planner) - Claire Turnbull

Spiral Bound.  Near new condition (unused)

These beautifully designed planners have been crafted with care to help you feel good and get the best from each and every day.  It will help you to create a healthy, balanced life by providing the structure, support and motivation you need to reach your goals and create new healthy habits that last.  The purpose of this planner is to help you focus on the things that really matter, because quite honestly, life can be complicated enough.

How the planner works:

The planner has been specifically designed without dates so you can start using it whenever you like!  It is the perfect size to fit in your handbag and with its beautiful cover, it is both stylish and durable.  The design and art work is the combined magic  Claire Hall, and the amazing artist Maren Katelaan.  The planners are printed in Christchurch, so when you get your copies, you are also proudly supporting local kiwi businesses.

  • Daily and weekly planners

  • Weekly challenges focused around nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental wellbeing

  • Goal setting and tracking 

  • Space for your TO DO list and notes pages.

  • Healthy habit reminders 

  • Healthy recipes 

  • Inspirational quotes 

  • Mindfulness exercises 

  • Gratitude reminders

  • $18.00