• Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Cookbook - Jamie Oliver

Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Cookbook - Jamie Oliver

Paperback.    Very good condition.   2006

Jamie's Dinners sees Jamie Oliver going back to basics in the kitchen to revolutionise family meals.  In 'Family Tree' he takes recipes several different ways, giving you confidence whilst at the same time hoping to get you hooked on learning more.  He also reveals the world's most-loved food from a global website survey he conducted: the Top Ten dishes that families love to eat together.

From exciting dishes inspired by Jamie's travels including Southern Indian Rice and Seafood Soup to family favourites like flaky Chicken and Sweet Leek Pie and Banana and Blueberry French Toast, there's something in Jamie's Dinners for everyone (even the most fussy eaters)!

With over 100 brand new recipes, this book is all about making cooking inspiring and accessible.
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