• Joan Bishop's New Zealand Crockpot & Slow Cooker Cookbook

Joan Bishop's New Zealand Crockpot & Slow Cooker Cookbook

Paperback (compact size).   Near new condition.   2010

Crockpot and slow cookers enable busy people to put dinner on the table with a minimum of effort.  Prepare, switch on and relax knowing that while you are away all day, your dinner is cooking.  In this new Longacre edition, Joan Bishop's recipes have been completely revised.  Each recipe is designed for healthy, low-fat, low-cost meals.

Her easy-to-follow recipes are convenient to assemble and have no complicated procedures.  The ingredients are assembled, placed in the slow cooker and then left to cook.  Although the cooking time is long, the preparation time is short.

This new edition has been redesigned and is illustrated throughout with colour photographs.  Recipes include Soups, Vegetable dishes, How to cook rice, Light meals, Recipes for beans and lentils, Chicken dishes, Beef, Lamb and Pork meals, Desserts, and some interesting extras like hot spiced cider and mulled wine.

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