• Le Livre Blanc

Le Livre Blanc

Anne-Sophie Pic
Hardback.  Very good condition,  2013 

Le Livre Blanc is a glorious celebration of the extraordinary culinary talent that is Anne-Sophie Pic, the only woman in France with three Michelin stars, and is one of the most beautiful cookery books ever published.

Presented in a slipcase with a cut-out title, the book is finished with silver-edged paper, three silver ribbons and is printed on three different high-quality paper stocks. Combined with the crystalline photography, the result is stunning.

Anne-Siphie Pic has taken the long-established culinary traditions of her family and her country and re-imagined them through a contemporary and exhilarating approach to texture, form and flavour.   The book includes 50 recipes that, like those of another culinary inventor, Heston Blumenthal, both inspire and amaze. From foams and emulsions, to working with sous-vide and siphons, the recipes transform the everyday, and the not-so-everyday, into the extraordinary.

Note re condition:  We received the book in the slipcase still covered in plastic so it had never been opened.   Unfortunately there was an price sticker on the plastic which we moved with de-solv-it - this somehow managed to seep onto the cover of the slipcase and has left a greasy mark which is not that noticeable but we do need to mention it.  The book itself is perfect as has never been used or looked at.  We have priced accordingly.

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