• Legless: Desserts to get you in the spirit - Kylie Banning

Legless: Desserts to get you in the spirit - Kylie Banning

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2009

Grab the keys to the liquor cabinet and unlock the best secrets in decadent deserts laced with liqueur!  Have you ever hosted a dinner party and found the desserts left behind or un-touched?  Legless will change that.  It is the ultimate cookbook, with a wicked selection of recipes made from your favourite spirits and liquors.

Compiled completely of desserts including liqueurs and spirits, Legless features an array of fresh and feisty desserts with an extra kick in them.  Recipes include: Blackberry and Lychee Shots; Vanilla and Frangelico Mousse Shots; Baileys-infused strawberries; Chocolate and fruit fondue; Strawberry and Blackcurrant Trifle; Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding; Pear and Chambord Crumble; Creamy Butterscotch Ice-cream; Creamy Baileys Irish Cream Ice-cream; Mixed Berry Cheesecake; Swiss Chocolate Ice-cream; Pina Colada Sorbet; and Chocolate Gateau.  Liven up your dining table with a Baileys Cheesecake or a Tia Maria Log.

Fool proof step-by-step instructions and sumptuous photographs will transform every dinner party into an event to be lingered over.

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