• Little Korea:  Iconic Dishes & Cult Recipes

Little Korea: Iconic Dishes & Cult Recipes

Billy Law
Hardback.  Near new condition.  2018

There's been steadily growing interest and knowledge in Korean food across the globe in recent times - which can be seen reflected in the number of Korean restaurants and chains popping up.

Of course, it's helped that the cult food figure of David Chang and his Momofuko restaurants (as well as Lucky Peach magazine) have helped propel Korean flavours, techniques and classics into the mainstream. Just like some of Korea's chilli-spiked dishes, this cuisine is very hot right now!

Not only is the food diverse and the flavours distinct, but the dishes are simple to create at home too. Little Korea contains the most popular Korean dishes eaten everyday on the streets and in homes across the nation. No kitchen gadgetry or trickery is required - this is food with a singular mission: to deliver maximum flavour and texture in a simple way. 

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