• Lucio's Liguria Kitchen - Lucio Galletto and David Dale

Lucio's Liguria Kitchen - Lucio Galletto and David Dale

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2008

Liguria is another country.  They do things differently there, particularly when it comes to food.  Lucio Galletto grew up in Liguria - at the eastern end of the Riviera di Levante (coast of the rising sun).   He didn't realise how special his region was until he fell in love with an Australian girl and travelled 12,000 kilometres to be with her.

In 2008 Lucio, and writer David Dale, along with photographer Paul Green, returned to the birthplace of ravioli and pesto and wild-greens pie to investigate how the cooking of Lucio's region had evolved during his twenty-five-year absence.  They found a new breed of chefs, farmers, and fishermen adapting traditions to the environmental concerns of the twenty-first century.  Still using the wonderful array of local herbs, vegetables and seafood, they apply a lighter touch and a more adventurous spirit.

In this stunningly photographed book, Lucio brings us the fruits of his travels - 180 delicious recipes that respect the experience of the past and anticipate the demands of the future, dishes that are fun to cook, beautiful to look at, a pleasure to share, and kind to the body.  And, importantly, that pay homage to the sunny Riviera di Levante from which Lucio's culinary journey began.
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