• Master French Pastry - Christian Forais & Muriel Schiffmann

Master French Pastry - Christian Forais & Muriel Schiffmann

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2011   

1st volume of the collection "Master French Pastry" (mastering the secrets and techniques of French pastry) this book addresses extremely exhaustively the theme of international classics. The book is organized in two parts.

The first focuses on the international classics themselves (cheesecake, eclairs, millefeuille, sachertorte, tiramisu ...); each recipe is presented in the form of a technical sheet recalling the definition, the necessary material, the ingredients, the organization of the work, the preparation time, the preservation time, the conditions of service, the cooking then a step-by-step photographed details each stage of preparation.

The second part offers basic recipes (puff pastry, sponge cake, crème chiffon, chocolate mirror glaze, bubble sugar ...), following the same principle as the recipes of the first part but with details of the hygiene recommendations; at the delicate points and recipes in which to use them.  

A collection (trilingual - French, Spanish, English) essential for baking students in search of rich and serious content and for professionals who want to check their knowledge.  New price 90 euros.

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