• Meat & Sweet - Dan & Steph Mulheron

Meat & Sweet - Dan & Steph Mulheron

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2015

Meat & Sweet is a follow on to Dan and Steph's first book Eat@Home. Uniquely divided into 2 sections: meat recipes and dessert recipes, it will showcase Dan and Steph's easy going nature, and their love for easy home style cooking. 

Dan has a deep passion for all things meat, which started at the age of 23 when he worked in his friend's butchery, so it was natural to Dan to put together a compilation of approximately 40 recipes involving meat featuring, of course, his famous sausages. 

Steph on the other hand is all about all things sweet.  In Steph's half of the book she shares her passion for baking by the creation of visually stunning and delicious desserts and sweets to complete a dinner party or dining experience.

Recipes have been carefully selected to suit those on a household budget without compromising on ingredients and includes new sausage recipes and easy to make dessert recipes that will look amazing when entertaining.
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