• My Grandma's Kitchen - Louise Fulton Keats

My Grandma's Kitchen - Louise Fulton Keats

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2011

My Grandma's Kitchen is both children's book and cookbook, featuring a fun rhyming story and whimsical illustrations, along with 30 of Margaret Fulton's much-loved recipes.

The food is fresh, simple and perfect for making with children - try pasta with homemade pesto, cheese twists or vanilla cupcakes.  My Grandma's Kitchen is a book that children will love to read as well as use in the kitchen, and is perfect for encouraging them to get involved in cooking.

The book lets you join Lulu and her Grandma in the kitchen, where Lulu helps make different kinds of delicious things, such as Crepes with Lemon and Sugar, Macaroni Cheese and Apricot Slice.  Lulu and Grandma also pick veggies from the garden, set up a cafe and host a dinner party where little brother Harry and Teddy are the guests of honour.
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