• Nora's Dinners - Nora Sands

Nora's Dinners - Nora Sands

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2006

Tired of all the junk food your children are eating? Want to get them helping out in the kitchen?  Nora's Dinners is a new generation cookbook to inspire 7-12-year-olds to cook healthy food, teaching basic cookery skills and focusing on having fun.  Nora Sands is the outrageous, loveable, no-nonsense dinner lady who shot to fame in Jamie Oliver's TV series, 'Jamie's School Dinners'.  Despite being about British school food, impressively the programme has now been broadcast in 23 countries.  Armed with newfound confidence and a list of ingredients she couldn't pronounce, Nora became passionate about getting kids interested in cooking at home, rather than relying on unhealthy and unsociable ready-meals.

Her recipes draw on her favourite childhood foods, the meals she prepared with her own children, and the foods she discovered while working with Jamie.  Nora's Dinners is full of recipes for delicious (and well-balanced) breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as fun options for tasty treats. 
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