• Off the Bone

Off the Bone

Lesley Wilson
Paperback.  Near new condition.  2013

For a carnivore there is nothing more satisfying than a pink and succulent T-bone steak, the sizzle of well-seasoned chicken on a barbecue, or a serve of crispy, roast pork crackling.

Off the Bone gives both classic and contemporary recipes for cooking 'bone-in meat' - that is, meat that hasn't been filleted, and is cooked and served with the bone included.  The benefits of these cuts are endless.  The bone acts as a heat-conductor, so the meat cooks more evenly but still retains its juiciness.  The cuts are typically cheaper, but no less tasty than their filleted counterparts.

Recipes in this book are suitable for both novice and experienced cooks.  If you're ever at a loss for what meat to choose, your local butcher will be knowledgeable about every type and portion of meat, and can advise on what will suit your taste and needs.
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