• Out of the Pantry - Trish Heagerty

Out of the Pantry - Trish Heagerty

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2012

Out of the Pantry shows you how to think beyond just a 'can' - how to create a perfect feast from a few well-chosen pantry items.   Here's how to use those cans of tomatoes and other standbys you keep in your pantry inventively to make yummy meals for one, family feasts and last-minute snacks for unexpected guests.

There are 90 easy recipes for quick, affordable and very tasty food - great soups, light entrees, delicious meat and seafood dishes, vegetarian options, one-pot meals, lovely desserts and refreshing drinks.

The author shows you how to cut down on shopping time - for many of these recipes, all the ingredients come from the pantry or refrigerator; for some, you only need to add one or two fresh ingredients, such as some meat or fish.

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