• Passion & Inspiration - Justin Quek

Passion & Inspiration - Justin Quek

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2006   (Book has dedication to another chef - see below)

Justin Quek is widely recognised as Singapore's most important interpreter of French cuisine.

Passion & Inspiration, his first cookbook, traces his transformation from a young merchant ship cook into the culinary force credited with putting Singapore on the jet-setting gourmet's map.   Through his essays and recipes, discover what drives him, what excites him and what makes him one of the world's best chefs.

Twice Cooked note:  We would normally never offer a book that has a dedication however we think this one is a bit more special.  It is from one chef to another with the other chef being Richard Purdue who is currently Head Chef at Rosetta Trattoria, Sydney (part of the Rockpool group).   The dedication reads ' To My Friend Richard Purdue, From My Kitchen to Yours, Live life with Passion!   It is signed and dated 15 Dec 2006.

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