• Paul Gayler's Sauce Book

Paul Gayler's Sauce Book

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2015

Paul Gayler's Sauce Book shows how to make 150 sauces simply and without fuss, while preserving the impeccable balance of flavours that has become Paul's trademark.

Starting with French classics such as mayonnaise, hollandaise and veloute sauces, he covers all the basics and then suggests variations such as adding orange to a hollandaise or olives to a bearnaise.  In later chapters entitled Europe, the New World, Asia, the Pacific Rim and East meets West he casts his gaze round the world to embrace everything from pesto to Thai ketchup and Creole salsa.  There's also a chapter devoted to sweet sauces.

With a chapter on fundamentals such as how to prepare a good quality stock and ways of thickening a sauce, plus serving suggestions and 'PG Tips', Paul Gayler's Sauce Book means that none of us needs ever to reach for the jar on the supermarket shelf again.
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