• Quick and Easy Paleo - Julie & Charles Mayfield

Quick and Easy Paleo - Julie & Charles Mayfield

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2010

Comfort Food Classics with a Healthy Twist?  Lose inches while enjoying pan-seared steak?  Restore your health and boost your energy through chipotle mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed Brussels sprouts?  Absolutely.

Millions of people are embracing the health benefits of the Paleo movement and transitioning to a diet based on lean protein, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables.  No gluten, no dairy, no problem.  You'll never miss them thanks to Julie and Charles Mayfield's easy, inspiring recipes that will have healthy, delicious meals on the table in thirty minutes or less.  These are simple-to-make dishes that soothe the soul after a stressful day; food you'll want to share with family and friends.

Beautifully illustrated and written by home cooks for home cooks, Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods helpfully instructs on cooking techniques, pantry staples and must-have kitchen equipment.  With these warm and engaging authors as your guides, healthy eating becomes less complicated and infinitely more pleasurable and satisfying.  No gluten.  No dairy.  No problem.
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