• Salades


Damien Pignolet
Hardback.  Near new condition.  2011

Acclaimed chef Damien Pignolet shows us the endless possibilities of the salad. Here are entrée salads to stimulate the appetite, side salads to refresh the palate, and warm salads that serve as a meal in their own right.

Learn how to perfect classic salads, such as niçoise, and how to marry a range of tastes and textures to create a chicken salad with asparagus, peaches, and a pistachio nut vinaigrette, and a sweet salad of strawberry, orange, and red wine.

Damien's first book, French, captured the essence of classic French cooking in Australia.  With its rich photography and detailed notes on produce, composition, and presentation, Salades is set to educate, inspire, and delight the dedicated home cook.

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