• Salads in a Jar - Courtney Roulston

Salads in a Jar - Courtney Roulston

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2015

Salads in a Jar will show you how to pack your salads in jars starting with the dressing on the bottom, followed by the heaviest and most non-absorbent ingredient and work your way up through the lighter ingredients until you end up with the salad greens themselves on top.

Everything stays separate and dressing free until you toss the salad together in a bowl. You will never need to eat another soggy lunch salad again.

Author Bio
At the age of eight Courtney started studying Margaret Fulton's cookbooks, and it was then that she first realized that she'd taken a real liking to cooking.  After her time on Masterchef, Courtney set up her own successful catering company with clients ranging from a popular sports team to private catering jobs.  This is Courtney's second book.
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