• Sean Armstrong's Kitchen

Sean Armstrong's Kitchen

Paperback.   Near new condition.    2009

Sean Armstrong's Kitchen introduces an inspiring new food writer.  For Sean, one of the main attractions of food lies with the people you share it with.  This book brings together favourite recipes he cooks for family and friends, as well as those from his North and South column, plus some from his restaurant days.

Meal times form the structure of the book, with weekend brunches, lazy Sunday lunches, quick and casual tapas, classic and impressive dinners and blissful desserts.  The 90-plus recipes also include elegant risottos and pasta recipes, as well as basics. Sean's book will inspire you to get into the kitchen and rediscover the satisfaction in creating good food.

Most importantly he wants to encourage home cooks to use the freshest ingredients, make things from scratch, and every now and then put the extra time into making something truly special - he believes the effort is richly rewarded.  Sean's use of honest ingredients, from the familiar to the unusual, makes elegant, unpretentious, fresh and wonderfully tasty food. It's all about enjoyment, flavours, family and friends.
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