• Shaun Rankin's Seasoned Islands

Shaun Rankin's Seasoned Islands

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2010

Shaun Rankin is an English-born British chef, restaurateur, and television personality.  He has been awarded one Michelin star for Bohemia restaurant in 2005.

The Channel Islands are blessed with a wonderful array of natural ingredients; all of the absolute highest quality, all produced locally.  That is the beauty of the Channel Islands. 

Shaun Rankin has lived and worked in Jersey since 1993, he proudly refers to Jersey as his home and is evangelical about the stunning produce available on land and in the sea. He is incredibly proud of Jersey and often refers to his home as his nine-mile garden and with good reason.  The vast majority of ingredients that are used in his kitchen come from within that radius.

He decided to write this book to introduce some of the local world-class suppliers to a wider audience and suggest some ways in which, by using simple, easy recipes, you can make the flavours come alive.  You will not find Michelin star cooking within this book instead it contains many of the simpler dishes that he cooks for his family, either at home or outdoors.
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