• Sicilian Seafood Cooking - Marisa Raniolo Wilkins

Sicilian Seafood Cooking - Marisa Raniolo Wilkins

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2011

Sicilians love seafood and seasonal produce.  Sicilian Seafood Cooking is a catalogue of 120 authentic recipes for seafood and its accompaniments - including a great variety of first- and second-course dishes, food for feasts, special sauces and delicious vegetables with no less than nine caponata recipes.

A lively, well-researched book, it celebrates the diversity of Sicilian food, which is intensely regional.  The author takes readers on a culinary journey around Sicily, using seasonal produce and traditional cooking methods and techniques, layered with fascinating information about the origins of recipes and information about sustainability issues.

The book also includes a wealth of material to inspire menus and celebrate good food.

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