• Simple Asian One-Pot Meals -  Ming Tsai & Arthur Boehm

Simple Asian One-Pot Meals - Ming Tsai & Arthur Boehm

Paperback.    Very good condition.    2011

Chef Ming Tsai believes that everyday cooking needs to be tasty, healthy, easy to prepare and affordable, and what could be easier than cooking everything in one pot?  Ming's 85 recipes with an Asian influence fit this bill using seven methods: braise, wok, saute, roast. high temp, soup and toss.  Ingredients are varied but easily sourced and often cheaper cuts of meat are used imaginatively with the result just as favoursome, if not more, than more expensive cuts.

With an eye on the healthy, each recipe has salt and fat contents whilst using ingredients that are suitable for those with allergies and, to keep costs down, every dish feeds four people and costs under GBP10.

This resourceful book is beautifully simple and, with everything in one pot, it also keeps the washing-up to a minimum!  The recipes also come with drink suggestions and a full-colour photograph to make preparation even easier.  This really is an all-rounder that you'll be reaching for again and again!

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