• Something for the Weekend - Ruth Watson

Something for the Weekend - Ruth Watson

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2006

Best-selling author Ruth Watson has created a fantastic collection of delicious yet stress-free recipes that enable us to enjoy the process of cooking and creating mouth-watering dishes with which to delight and impress family and friends.   Ensuring that the cook will not spend endless hours trapped in the kitchen, all the recipes can be prepared in advance or cooked to a stage where they need only minimal attention at the last minute.

All the components of the meal are covered from simple, no-cook starters such as deli-griddled vegetables with hummus, or prawn cocktail; straightforward, yet delicious, one-pot dishes including Catalan beef stew and lamb with haricot beans, or traditional big roast dinners from the classic sirloin of beef to pancetta-wrapped pork fillet and mouth-watering desserts such as bitter chocolate tart, and hazelnut meringues; and blackberry cake.

"Something for the Weekend" takes the hassle out of cooking for a crowd so start sending out the invitations today!
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