• Spice Odyssey - Paul Merrett

Spice Odyssey - Paul Merrett

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2013

Spices are everywhere.  From natural remedies, scented candles, perfumes, mulled wine, breakfast cereal and wacky pumpkin-spice lattes, to America's own chili con carne. Michelin-award winning Chef Paul Merrett includes something for every spicy cook in Spice Odyssey.  The beginner need be assured that not all spicy food, by any means, will be mouth-burning hot.  Much of the finest spicing is also the most subtle.

This book is a collection of recipes that dodges between countries and continents with no apology.  There are many classic spicy dishes that aren't included and some quirky home-invented ones that are.  Paul's aim is to provoke inspiration and exploration, because those two qualities are always apparent in all of the world's finest cooks. Beginning with a short primer on shopping for spices and tools of the trade, Paul then provides 100 mouth-watering recipes from starters & snack to lunches & dinners, quick & simple meals to spicy desserts.  Make your own Homemade Labneh with Sumac, Pomegranate & Basil or Spiced Chicken Skewers with Plantain Chips, Mango & Red Pepper Jam.

Surprise your friends with the famous curry dish from Sri Lanka, Meat Rottu Roti or whip together some Asian-spiced Short Ribs.  For something different try a Moroccan Lamb Burger with Tomato Chile Jam & Zucchini Tzatiki or a Yogurt & Black Pepper Ice Cream. Beautifully photographed, Spice Odyssey is a perfect cookbook for anyone looking to spice up the kitchen.
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