• Sweet Enough:  less sugar, more taste

Sweet Enough: less sugar, more taste

The Isherwood Sisters
Paperback.  Near new condition.  2016

In creating this book, The Isherwood Sisters gathered together everyone’s favourite baking recipes, removed any excess sugar, and adjusted the remaining ingredients so that the recipes still work and the finished products taste delicious.

The book is designed to be clear and easy to use. Each recipe comes with a large colour photo and plenty of space for you to write your own notes. At the beginning of each recipe there are three icons – one shows the baking method, one shows how many teaspoons of sugar in a single serving, and the last (oven) icon has an space for you to record your own baking time if you want to (since every oven cooks a little differently).

The book includes baking methods and tips, information on sugar and a comprehensive index.

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