• Sweet Paris - Michael Paul

Sweet Paris - Michael Paul

Hardback (compact size).  Very good condition.  2012

Paris - the city of light and love, where chic is everything, and the pastries, chocolates and desserts on offering are life's simple yet necessary pleasures.

In Sweet Paris photographer and food writer Michael Paul saunters the streets and alleys of this magical city with his camera and taste buds.  He uncovers some of the most mouth-watering macaroons and decadent chocolates along with jewel-like confections and cakes that look almost too perfect to eat. 

With authentic recipes from chocolate eclairs to meringues, tarte au citron to traditional madeleines, learn how to recreate these tantalizing sweet treats at home.  Stunningly photographed, Sweet Paris is a visual feast that captures the very essence of the world's most beautiful city.

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