• Takebash & Saba: Recipes from the Horn of Africa - Saba Alemayoh

Takebash & Saba: Recipes from the Horn of Africa - Saba Alemayoh

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2023

A celebration of the food of Ethiopia's northernmost state Tigray, interweaved with the compelling story of author Saba Alemayoh and her mother Tekebash Gebre, who came to Australia as refugees and have nurtured a connection to their beloved homeland through shared recipes and rituals.

From Tigray to the world, a love story through food.  This is not your regular cookbook.  The recipes are a legacy of Tekebash Gebre, my extraordinary mother.  Tekebash was born in Tigray, under the rule of the last Ethiopian emperor.  She lived under a communist regime before fleeing to Sudan.  Since then we have been on a migration journey, from Aksum to Khartoum to Melbourne and beyond.

Our hearts, however, will forever be Tigrayan, and through Tekebash's simple, vibrant dishes we celebrate a connection that won't be broken.  It has been my privilege to translate and record what Tekebash cooked by taste, touch and memory for several years in our Melbourne restaurant.  It's our story, and it's my tribute.  But it will also resonate with anyone who knows the unceasing pull of a distant homeland and the comfort of its food.
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