• Tapas: The Cuisine of Conversation - Marie McDonald

Tapas: The Cuisine of Conversation - Marie McDonald

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2010

Discover the pleasures of the 'little dishes from Spain', the appetisers that stimulate conversation and ease the day.

Whole mushrooms glazed with garlic and sherry vinegar, olives dripping in marinade, gazpacho and empanadas, blue cheese and anchovy tarts - the variety is endless.  It offers recipes for dips, small fried parcels, fritters, small soups, seafood, cured meats and cheese.  The whole world comes to the table when tapas is served.  Tapas has evolved into an entire and sometimes sophisticated cuisine designed to encourage conversation because people are not as focused on eating an entire meal. 

Sections include breakfast tapas, vegetables, seafood, meat and sweets.  It features over 60 recipes, with photographs illustrating them.  It also includes wine tips.

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