• The Bacon Cookbook - Jack Campbell

The Bacon Cookbook - Jack Campbell

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2018  (Compact size)

It's an indisputable fact that bacon is the world's greatest food.  It goes with everything - from savoury to sweet - and it's just as comfortable being the star of the show as it is playing a supporting role.

You can slather it in maple syrup; you can fry it till it's crisp; you can use it to wrap other meats; hell, you can even weave a delicious bacony sheet with it, and bacon confidently takes it all in its stride.  All hail bacon.

The cookbook promises to sway even the most hardened vegetarians with its 40 bacon-centric recipes (not to mention its nifty scratch and sniff feature on the front cover) - from piggy snacks, including caramel bacon popcorn, candied bacon strips and bacon-wrapped sweet potato wedges, to heartier main dishes like bacon-laden mac and cheese and the ultimate pasta carbonara.  Did we mention dessert too?  You'll also find bacon and pecan ice-cream, choc-bacon cookies and everything bacon imaginable.  It's time to pig out because everything is better with bacon!
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