• The Blender Girl: 100 Gluten-free, Vegan recipes - Tess Masters

The Blender Girl: 100 Gluten-free, Vegan recipes - Tess Masters

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2014

The debut cookbook from the powerhouse blogger behind, featuring 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes for smoothies, meals, and more made quickly and easily in a blender.  On her wildly popular recipe blog, Tess Masters aka, The Blender Girl shares easy plant-based recipes that anyone can whip up fast in a blender. Tess's lively, down-to-earth approach has attracted legions of fans looking for quick and fun ways to prepare healthy food.  In The Blender Girl, Tess's much-anticipated debut cookbook, she offers 100 whole-food recipes that are gluten-free and vegan, and rely on natural flavors and sweeteners.  Many are also raw and nut-, soy-, corn-, and sugar-free.

Smoothies, soups, and spreads are a given in a blender cookbook, but this surprisingly versatile collection also includes appetizers, salads, and main dishes. 

Details on the benefits of soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating; proper food combining; and eating raw, probiotic-rich, and alkaline ingredients round out this nutrient-dense guide.  But you don't have to understand the science of good nutrition to run with The Blender Girl - all you need is a blender
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