• The Book of Eggfree Cakes - Cintia Stammers

The Book of Eggfree Cakes - Cintia Stammers

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2009

Over 200 recipes based on the principle ‘you are what you eat.’  Low-sugar, low-fat, low-cholesterol recipes with a great emphasis on flavor, simplicity, and health.

Cintia has covered the world of cakes — all of them free of eggs and cruelty.  There’s a special something for every occasion and mood: 22 sponge cakes; 31 squares; 36 fruit loaves and tea breads; 30 gateaux and cheesecakes; 7 puddings; 11 small cakes; 7 savory cakes; 11 everyday icings; and 18 special icings and fillings.

Delicious, elegant and imaginative egg free cakes for every occasion and mood.  Recipes for birthday cakes, sponge cakes, fruit cakes, tea breads, icings, and fillings.  The ideal book for vegetarians and people who are allergic to eggs.

More compact size with 255 pages.

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