• The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook - Will Ricker

The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook - Will Ricker

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2009

One of London's most acclaimed restaurants, E&O (Eastern & Oriental) is renowned as much for its style, sophistication and loyal celebrity clientele as for its sumptuous and delicate pan-Asian menu.  With an emphasis on the best fresh produce, and an enticing blend of flavours from the Orient, their dishes are simple yet complex in flavour, innovative and fresh.

In The Eastern & Orienta lCookbook, restaurateur Will Ricker shares more than 80 of his favourite recipes from the restaurant - many of which have become signature dishes - and the philosophy behind them. 

The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook brings a truly unique dining experience into your home.   It is guaranteed to enchant the senses and invite a whole new approach to cooking delicious pan-Asian dishes in your kitchen.
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