• The Edible City

The Edible City

Indira Naidoo
Paperback.  Very good condition.  2015

When Indira Naidoo transformed her tiny thirteenth-floor balcony into a bountiful kitchen garden, it changed her life forever.  She joined the quiet revolution rolling through our cities - the army of urban gardeners turning concrete into crops, and harvests into hope.  She also came to realise that gardening spaces in cities are limited only by the imagination.  Join Indira as she visits some of Australia's most innovative and memorable kitchen gardens - the audacious garden in the sky providing a haven (and honey) for homeless visitors, the school bush-tucker garden reconnecting Indigenous kids with their heritage, the rooftop worm farm combating food waste at a Melbourne restaurant, and the community gardens bringing neighbours together to share meals and stories.

Indira also offers gardening tips and practical advice on beekeeping, worm farming, composting and setting up your own community garden, as well as 40 of her delicious recipes.
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