• The Family-Friendly Gluten-free Cookbook - Sarah King

The Family-Friendly Gluten-free Cookbook - Sarah King

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

Prepared especially for families requiring a gluten-free diet, all the recipes are recognisable family favourites.  Increasingly people want simple homemade options - they are looking for foolproof ways to cook gluten-free food that's healthy and nutritious for the whole family.

Sarah King trialled all her recipes at the farmer's market until her customers couldn't tell if the food was gluten-free or not.  She found that baking was the hardest to get right and her family treats and reliable standbys are all designed with the home kitchen in mind.

Preparation is key, and with quick and easy methods for everything from bread, burger buns, pizza and sausage rolls to chocolate chip cookies, eclairs and custard squares, all the bases are covered. You will also find choices for lunchboxes and snacks, kid's parties and seasonal celebrations.

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