• The Feel Good Guide - Matilda Green

The Feel Good Guide - Matilda Green

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2019

When Matilda Green, author of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life, found herself facing some hard times, she knew she needed to do something to boost her happiness and her self-esteem. But what?  So she set out on a journey of discovery, embracing gratitude, mindfulness, and meditation techniques, and learning how to be kind to others and to herself.

In The Feel Good Guide Matilda pulls together everything she has learned and shares her own experiences, in the hope that it will help others too.  This practical resource, full of helpful tips and real talk, comes complete with an action plan in every chapter to get your own journey kick-started.

As Matilda says, this isn't so much about changing who you are as it is about loving who you are.  It's about celebrating yourself, embracing and being proud of the person you have grown to be, and finding the right tools to help you remember just how awesome you really are.
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