• The Gate Vegetarian Cookbook (Hardback)  - Adrian and Michael Daniel

The Gate Vegetarian Cookbook (Hardback) - Adrian and Michael Daniel

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2004

Adrian and Michael Daniel have Indian-Iraqi origins, and much of their food combines the flavours and techniques of these two cultures.  But there are other influences too.  By bringing together mainly Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian ingredients they have created an irresistible, unusual, yet simple-to-prepare range of dishes.

There are also features on how to prepare, cook with and eat some vegetables and guidance on tricky techniques such as making fritters.  This is an eclectic range of dishes.

From the Middle East there are recipes such as beetroot cutta (an Arabic soup served with dumplings), alia bargi (a traditional dry green bean curry), pestos and baklava with cardamom and rosewater.  Asian-influenced dishes include thom yam (a Thai hot and sour soup) and nori (sushi rolls with various fillings).  From the Mediterranean you'll find recipes such as butternut squash and thyme gnocchi and lemon polenta cake with poached pear.
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