• The Global Vegetarian Kitchen - Troth Wells

The Global Vegetarian Kitchen - Troth Wells

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

The Global Vegetarian Kitchen starts in your back yard - perhaps growing your own vegetables and herbs or buying produce at your local farmers' market - then reaches around the world to bring the diversity and delight of vegetarian dishes into your kitchen.  Whether you only have a window box with some herbs, an allotment, yard or other space to grow things, this is the seed that connects creative home-cooking to the traditional recipes that travel the globe, blending with local culture.

With an emphasis on simplicity and versatility, you'll find it easy to create dishes such as bean bredie from South Africa, barley risotto from Italy, Nepalese lentil curry or lemon-grass scented Thai soup.  All you need to do is stock up your spice rack and take your tastebuds travelling.

There are over 100 easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes from all parts of the globe with full-colour photographs, suggestions for substitute ingredients, useful facts and helpful hints, local ingredients and tips on sourcing fair trade.
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