• The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook - Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos (PhD APD)

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook - Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos (PhD APD)

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2015

The Mediterranean Diet is the diet to end them all.  Scientifically backed by decades of rigorously peer-reviewed research, the results of the Mediterranean Diet speak for themselves.

Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos has devoted her life to studying this World Heritage diet and now brings you more recipes, tips and facts to improve your health as well as brighten your home.  From longevity and sustained weight-loss, to the prevention of heart disease and dementia, for long, happy life of healthy eating, the Mediterranean Diet is the one to follow.

Gorgeously photographed, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook features the latest research on the benefits of the diet, clear instructions on how to fast safely and effectively, myth busting on food fads and 'superfoods' and more than 80 all-new delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy.  Sustainable and satisfying, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is a celebration of good health and hearty eating.

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