• The New Zealand Food Allergy Cookbook - Allergy New Zealand

The New Zealand Food Allergy Cookbook - Allergy New Zealand

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2007

Many people with food allergies live with the time bomb of life-threatening allergic reactions, where a mere trace of something as innocent as peanuts, wheat, dairy products or eggs, can have them experiencing terrifying types of reactions.  There is no cure for food allergy; avoidance of the food is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.  But this doesn't have to mean avoiding favourite dishes!

The New Zealand Food Allergy Cookbook gives you healthy and delicious recipes that do not contain the most common allergens, making it easier for families to cope with food allergy.  This comprehensive book covers not only the main meals of the day but also helps with baking, school lunches, kid's parties and Christmas.  The recipes are all easy to understand and all have clear lists distinguishing whether a recipe is dairy-free, wheat-free, etc.  The introductory section contains invaluable help, explaining food allergy and intolerance and giving advice on reading food labels, avoiding cross-contamination in the kitchen, and much more.

A bible for all New Zealand food allergy sufferers and their families.
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