• The North Shore (Canada) Foodie - Brad Hill

The North Shore (Canada) Foodie - Brad Hill

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2015

Recipes, local history, vibrant photography, and information about some of the best proprietors in the area all converge in the recently-released North Shore Foodie book by Brad Hill.  These pages aim to add a story to your dinner and will convince you that “knowledge is flavour”.

The North Shore Foodie Recipe Book is a showcase and celebration of the food scene on the North Shore.  The book features the stories behind 37 leading independent North Shore restaurants, bars, cafés, bakeries, breweries, butchers and chocolatiers, and over 100 delicious recipes that come directly from North Shore chefs.

Ranging from simple everyday family meals to challenging cuisine that will push you to the boundaries of your culinary repertoire, the decadent, hearty, and nutritious range of featured recipes offers something for every palate and skill level.  From Bowen Island to Deep Cove, inspire the foodie in your life

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