• The Perfect Start to your Day - Tonia George

The Perfect Start to your Day - Tonia George

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2012

The Perfect Start to Your Day is packed with fresh, tasty ideas for all sorts of treats - whether you're grabbing a quick bite or entertaining friends with a weekend brunch feast. 

Drinks such as a Cashew Nut & Mango Smoothie will prepare you for the day ahead.  For slow-release energy, try Fruit, Grains & Oats like Pink Grapefruit with Vanilla Sugar or Deep Coconut & Sour Cherry Oaty Bars.  Nothing says brunch quite like Eggs. Omelette with Chives & Gruyere is perfect for eating in bed on a day off.  For those with a sweet tooth, Pastries & Bakes are sure to satisfy.  Exploding Berry Crumble Muffins are ideal for mid-morning guests, while Pancakes & Waffles, like popular Blueberry Pancakes will please both adults and kids.

Those with big appetites will welcome Mains, such as Corn Cakes with Bacon & Avocado, or Steak & Fried Egg Rolls with Mustard Butter from the Sandwiches, Salads & Sides chapter.  Use up seasonal fruit by making Preserves: homemade Passionfruit Curd will turn your morning toast into something divine.

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