• The Picnic Cookbook - Laura Mason

The Picnic Cookbook - Laura Mason

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2015

Picnics and outdoor meals are a classic theme in British food.   Afternoon tea in the garden on a golden afternoon in late summer, a packed lunch consumed on a hilltop while the eyes feast on a magnificent view, and the tantalising smell of grilling from a barbecue are all part of this.   Being outside sharpens the senses and the appetite, refreshes the soul and gives different perspectives - and National Trust properties provide a wealth of different environments in which to enjoy food outdoors.

The book includes over 100 recipes covering picnics, barbecues and campfire food.   They range from bresola rolls and lemon gin to be enjoyed at a punting picnic, to a warming minestrone and spiced parkin for bonfire night, a baba ganoush made with aubergines chargrilled on the barbecue, and mussels wrapped in seaweed and cooked on the embers of a campfire.

Author Laura Mason gives tips on transporting and cooking the food in the great outdoors, as well as giving historical context to the recipes and suggesting the best National Trust places to eat outdoors.

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