• The Pie Book - Caroline Bretherton

The Pie Book - Caroline Bretherton

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2013

The new pie bible to enthuse and satisfy any aspiring home cook.  If you constantly crave delicious, home-baked pies then The Pie Book will be your new pie bible.  Filled with a stunning range of over 200 tempting pie recipes for every occasion.  Providing you with everything you need to produce satisfying, appetising pies that not only look impressive, but taste delicious.

Featuring detailed instructions and a step-by-step section explaining how to create all of the "need-to-know" pastries - savoury and sweet - making the art of pie baking more accessible than ever.  Organised by key ingredients so you can choose your "pie of the day" according to what's in season, on offer, or already in your freezer.

Whether you want to whip up an inexpensive, potato-topped fish pie for the whole family or a fabulously decadent sour cherry tart to crown a romantic meal for two, The Pie Book has everything you need to produce the results you want with ease.
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