• The Really Hungry Student Cookbook: How to Eat well on a budget

The Really Hungry Student Cookbook: How to Eat well on a budget

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2013

You might think that dinner's taken care of if you have a can of soup in the cupboard or some leftover pizza in the fridge, but you can make yourself a home-cooked meal - just like you'd get back home - without a degree in culinary arts. 

Whether you need sustenance for your late-night study session, are hosting the afterparty at your place, or want to bake your new best friend a batch of birthday cupcakes, the The Really Hungry Student Cookbook will come to the rescue with delicious, stress-free recipes for any occasion.  If you've had a bit too much fun the night before, Badass Breakfasts will set you up to face the day.  Winning Lunches will keep you going through those long lectures. Italian Stallion is packed with classic pizza and pasta dishes.  Learn to make kick-ass burritos and tacos with Viva la Fiesta and Spice Up Your Life with a tasty curry or stir-fry.  Veggie Mighty is packed with delicious vegan and vegetarian options. 

If you're on a detox or training for your next big game Gym Jocks v Yoga Bunnies is full of healthy meals to keep you fighting fit.  If you're missing home, Just Like Mom Used to Make is full of recipes for comforting home cooking.  Fire up the barbecue and Chill While You Grill or make your friends say OMG! with Posh Nosh.  Be the host with the most by serving up awesome snacks from Party On Dude and Nom Nom Nom Treats has everything the owner of a sweet tooth could desire.

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